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Connectwise Automated Late Fees Service

Finally! A system that automatically generates late fee invoices and/or agreement additions for past due customers. Completely automated and customizable.

You will see a dramatic improvement in payment receipts after activating this application. We originally wrote this application for in-house use nearly 5 years ago. Immediately our slow paying customers started magically paying on time!! And we are hearing the same responses from other MSPs using this software.


Every 24 hours (user adjustable time) the service will search for all past due invoices in your Connectwise system and systematically create Miscellaneous late fee invoices for non-agreement past due invoices, and agreement additions for past due agreement invoices. This is user selectable, you can choose to only create miscellaneous invoices for all past due balances and not create agreement additions during configuration.

Late Fee Service FAQ

A 15 day free trial is built into the system. The subscription can be activated on one system. The trial subscription is valid for 15 days and will allow the service to run with no functionality limitations. Processing will stop after 15 days however. The system will notify you via email when your subscription is nearing expiration.

Testing with the Trial

There are two methods of testing the application in your environment:

Method 1 (Best - and most thorough)
  • All Connectwise installations include a “training” database. This documentation shows you how to quickly make your training database an exact copy of your production environment. (You will need to login to the Connectwise University to access this doc):
    Copy your production Connectwise data to your built-in training database
    You can then point the Late Fees service to your training database to see exactly how the process works without touching your production system.

Method 2 (Easier but doesn't update your Connectwise System')
  • Alternatively, you can point this application to your production system and simply set Test Mode to TRUE in the setup app to avoid any changes to your Connectwise system. The system will run normally, and the email report will show you everything that WOULD HAVE happened in your Connectwise system. It is important to note that when using this method, every subsequent run of the service will produce the same email report since the system is not storing the required data to your Connectwise system and therefore does not know which late fee invoices have been processed

Built-in Setup Application

LF Setup Screen

Daily Email Report

LF Email Report

Subscription based

The subscription is annual and costs only $189 per year. Conversion from free trial to subscription is built into the software setup application. Support is free for subscribed customers and trials.


  • Connectwise 2019.2 or later is required. This application utilizes the Connectwise REST API - no database access is required.
  • .NET 4.6.2 or later is required on the machine running this software (Windows 10, Server 2012 or newer recommended ) NET 4.6.2 is a free download from Microsoft if not already installed on your system.
  • The installer includes a setup application that lets you configure the service for your environment. The built-in setup application makes setup easy. You will be up and running in about 10 minutes.

Creates Misc Invoices OR Additions to Agreement Invoices - automatically!

LF Misc Inv

LF Agmnt Inv

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